- Suction Hose -

  • PVC suction being made of high quality compound material and with rigid plastic spiral inlaid in the hose, inner and outer surface is smooth, with small bending radius, it has good adaptability to hard to hard weather conditions ,durable and anti-erosion.
  • 100% PVC Construction.
  • Can be used at most awkward curves & bends without any stiffness. Meticulous spiral reinforcement made from rigid P.V.C. in soft P.V.C. wall ensures high Impact, Crushing & Kinking resistance as well great flexibility. Lighter than ply-wrapped rubber and other similar hoses. Excellent resistance to high pressure, Chemicals, Acids & alkalies. Available in Industrial grades. A smooth interior produces low friction, thus permitting maximum flow. Do not impart taste or odor for use with chemicals, gases, liquids.

Quick Details

Brand Name SPI & Customized
Material PVC
Working temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
Thickness Customized Thickness
Color Green & Gray
Transporting Medium Water, Chemicals, Waste, sludge, slurry, Chemicals and other waste matte
Packaging Details Clear strech film wrapped & according to customers requirements
Payment T/T, L/C, 40% advanced and complate 100% before shipping
Sample Available
Place of Origin India




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