Privacy Policy

Orbito International Privacy Policy explains who we are, how we collect and use personal information about You and how you can exercise your privacy rights. We respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your personal information. Your privacy and trust are important to us and the following policies and statements explain how Orbito International and its subsidiaries and affiliates handle your personal information. So, read our Privacy Policy thoroughly and for any concerns

What personal information does Orbito International collect and why?

Types of Personal Information Why We Collect It
Company information To verify authenticity of you and your business.
Contact details including email address, phone number(s), postal address, etc. To respond to correspondence and enquiries you send us. In some cases, to collect information required to provide products and services requested by you. Also, to obtain your feedback regarding our products and services.
Financial information including bank account details, credit card details, etc. To process payment for your data order and subscription plan and your bank authentication.
User credentials including name, email address and other personal information. To reach you for knowing your data requirements.

Your Data Protection Rights

You have the following data protection rights: